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Case Studies
The proof of the pudding, as they say, is in eating.
We have successfully implemented MC3 in various companies across the globe. The results have been exemplary to date.
The successful implementation of our framework has resulted in real, tangible benefits to these companies, which have been felt directly on their bottom lines.
Featured Case Study
Share Transactions Totally Electronic(STRATE)
$1.2 million annual savings in IT outsourcing expenses
30% increase in Productivity & Efficiency
Reduced Attrition Risks
Take a look at the details of MC3 implementation in the following companies:
Allianz Bajaj
Tata Johnson
"In STRATE's case I can confirm that it far exceeded our expectations and on a daily basis we were experiencing the magic of what this process has done for our company and its people"
- Monica Singer, CEO, STRATE.
Nihilent's MC3 implementation at STRATE is now a case study at the Harvard affiliated WITS Business School.
MC3 - The world's first patented framework of it's kind for knowledge enabled transformation.
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