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Developing a performance-oriented culture is not about affecting an incremental change. It is a transformation process that has to be implemented effectively across the entire organisation by not only initiating new processes but also monitoring and supporting their implementation.
Take a look at the technologies that facilitate quick, easy and consistent application of various processes that are critical to the implementation of MC3.
Performance Management
Success of any organisation is not ensured merely by the formulation of strategies. The key lies in the relentless implementation of these strategies. Lamat is a carefully designed tool that helps you create a Performance Management Culture…
Contextual Collaboration
Sustained performance is a direct result of continuous adoption of best practices. Effective communication and collaboration is the lifeline of any organisation. Extending this dynamic process beyond the boundaries of the organisation would mean benefits manifold. Pathways has been created exactly to achieve this…
Programme Management
Enterprise wide transformation entails management and monitoring of multiple projects that are initiated simultaneously within the organisation. ProgramHUB is a top management tool that enables you to keep a vigilant eye on the overall benefits of a complex set of projects under a simple program. It manages multiple stakeholders, multiple projects, multiple functions, and provides a holistic view of a program.
Business Intelligence
Nihilent has expertise in various BI technologies such as Oracle, SAS, Cognos, Business Objects and Microsoft.
Content Management
Content management solution allows organisations to deliver highly personalised content to customers, employees, and partners exactly the way they want it via web, wireless or print.
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