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MC3 Audit
Want that edge?
The MC3 audit provides enterprises with a very clear view of the places where the cracks exist with respect to learning & innovation. Based on these findings, it very clearly identifies interventions required within the organisation.
Most importantly, since the entire assessment is score-based, the success of interventions becomes clearly measurable. The effects, or should we say the performance enhancement through these 'prescribed' interventions, can be measured and they provide organisations with a better understanding of works best for them to get that edge over the rest.
The strategies, goals and objectives of the company are studied to determine the priorities, focus and direction set by the management. This helps in conducting the assessment with the right perspective.
The assessment requires data from specific role-holders (Corporate Planning, CKO, SBU Head, HR, CIO, etc.) and from a sample set of individuals in the organisation.
A stratified sample is generated for this purpose in consultation with sponsor in the company.
Nihilent consultants interview these chosen employees. The data is then collated in the MC3 Assessment spreadsheet and a score is arrived at against specific measures in the checklist.
On the basis of this spreadsheet and the score, a report is prepared and recommendations are made.
What to expect?
Based on the assessment findings, the MC3 team would propose recommendations on interventions. These would be detailed as follows:
Chosen knowledge-enabled interventions (activities) in people, process & technology domains. These interventions would be a subset of the broad range of MC3 offerings. Examples of these interventions would be Balanced Scorecard, Competencies Assessment, Role-definitions, Knowledge Mapping, Communities of Practice, Tacit Knowledge Externalisation and so on.
Target group(s) for each of the above
Deliverables and timelines associated with each intervention
Business goals to which each intervention is aligned
Identification of improvement areas in terms of management processes, techniques and practices
Inputs for building a learning organisation
Assessment & Recommendation Report that includes:
Rating the current status and defining the desired state
Priority areas for improvement
New practices or enhancements to existing practices
Inputs for building a performance oriented culture
Roadmap for implementing transformation
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