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MC3 Audit
Want to enhance your existing practices?
Most mature corporations may have some bits and pieces of the MC3 framework already in place - they would not be able to be where they are without them.
However most companies doing the same, aren't really getting the results they desired or expected. This could be for a variety of reasons, ranging from the lack of intent to out-dated designs, lack of measurability, inappropriate incentives, internal insecurities or lack of ownership.
The versatility of the MC3 framework not only provides for the overhauling of existing organisational practices, but also comes with the sensitivity to work with existing practices that organisations believe in.
The MC3 Audit will give you an opportunity to refine your current performance enhancement initiatives, and provide valuable insight on how you can get the most out of your existing investments in your people, processes & technology.
What to expect?
Based on the assessment findings, the MC3 team would propose recommendations on interventions. These would be detailed as follows:
Chosen knowledge-enabled interventions (activities) in people, process & technology domains. These interventions would be a subset of the broad range of MC3 offerings. Examples of these interventions would be Balanced Scorecard, Competencies Assessment, Role-definitions, Knowledge Mapping, Communities of Practice, Tacit Knowledge Externalisation and so on.
Target group(s) for each of the above
Deliverables and timelines associated with each intervention
Business goals to which each intervention is aligned
Identification of improvement areas in terms of management processes, techniques and practices
Inputs for building a learning organisation
Assessment & Recommendation Report that includes:
Rating the current status and defining the desired state
Priority areas for improvement
New practices or enhancements to existing practices
Inputs for building a performance oriented culture
Roadmap for implementing transformation
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