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MC3 has already been successfully applied to a number of organisations in the Securities and Depositories, Revenue Services, Aviation and Oil and Gas industries worldwide. The organisations range from a 70 people company to a 10,000 people company with their revenues ranging from USD 100 million to USD 10 billion.
Organisation size, location and domain area are not constraints to apply MC3 since it deals directly with sustained corporate performance. In the knowledge economy, where intangible assets weigh far higher in terms of market capitalisation than the tangible assets of organisations, learning and innovation holds the key. Investments of organisations in its people and their learning and growth would lead to dramatic improvements in processes and products achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction and profitability.
In addition to the above domain areas, we have detailed out opportunities of applying MC3 to
Business Process Outsourcing
Banking & Financial Services
Manufacturing & Automative
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